Wednesday, September 12, 2007


OpenID is a decentralized system that reduces the number of username and password combinations you have to remember for each and every web site that demands them. Most sites today have their own process of Signing Up. They ask the user to sign up and register if the user does not have an existing account and to identify themselves or to sign up with an existing account on the server.

OpenID is a solution for creating accounts on various servers and identifying oneself. Create one OpenID and use it to login in various sites. Its simple, fast, easy and secure.

There are many sites which now support OpenID login. A list of this can be found here:

However, these are not the only sites which support OpenID. And to add, new sites are integrating OpenID concept. I just hope players like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! join the OpenID community.

The list of OpenID providers:

My last words for this article... Do give it a try...

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