Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Silverlight vs Flash.... Who's gonna be the winner?

Its again going to be a tough battle between Microsoft and Adobe with the new product Silverlight in the lime light. As it has already been with .Net and Java and also with the PDF vs XPS competition, this one is again going to be a straight forward war with the Adobe's Flash player. And who knows with all the financial backups microsoft has, it may eventually be winning the race. However, the major drawback with the Siverlight package is - No Linux support. How could microsoft even think of launching a web based product without linux support and making it a big success. There's a considerable amount of flaw in this and this might be the advantage Adobe will have.


David Eaton said...

My vote is for adobe flash, Microsoft is just to late in the game to have a successful product. This reminds me when Microsoft (MSN) was complaining about Google. So far I have only seen siverlight on Microsoft's websites. Adobe Flash is everywhere! As a freelancer I have not seen a big push for the Microsoft stuff.

Jake said...

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