Friday, September 02, 2005

Linux z Cool

LINUX is cool ......thats what guys everywhere are saying. But too much taken to be granted. It is really very very hot. One of the major problem with the ongoing linux revolution is the varities and flavours added to this os, though, it is also one of the major key reason for the rise and development. However, one thing is sure about it, if the players do not go in hamony it will be a mojor defeat for the opensource. And you can never be sure whats are the real requirements you need and which flavour you need to satisfy your demands. Just bieng a pro in this field matters and thats the point where linux starts loosing. As far as the players (the key promotors) of linux are concerned, they must have a reaon for switching over the sides. Its just not possible that Novell and IBM are loosing money for thier support of linux. It is a safe sided game for them. And maybe the world now is not prepared for this linux (or rather say opensource) revolution or we are missing some key facts somewhere.

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Anonymous said...

well tis is one more on the "Pro Linux /opensource" article. But just advocating and delibrating is not enough, there are a lot of things to be done if diff. vendors of linux r to codinate and cooperate.
so far there has little work done in this direction , let's see abt the future...............